Best BDSM Information Sources

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This page hold information for people who want to learn more about BDSM.

I'll be adding to this page as more sources of information become available, but at this point I've come up with enough to get you started.

The information to get you up to speed with BDSM and help you learn more is at:

  1. Alternative Contacts Dating Site
    1. Online BDSM & Fetish Encyclopedia

    2. Online Community

    3. Local Events

    4. Online BDSM Magazine

  2. More To Be Added

Alternative Contacts

Within the Alternative Contacts Dating Site, there are 4 information sources in particular that have proven to be very helpful. 

These information sources are worth at least $390 but you can get access to them by just joining Alternative Contacts for Free.

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Tool #1: "Online BDSM & Fetish Encyclopedia"

This amazing tool will give you access to the largest searchable group of information on BDSM and 80+ Fetishes available anywhere .

Within Alternative Contacts this information storehouse is called 'groups' and currently contains over a hundred thousand pieces of information!

In essence:

  • You'll be able to find the answer to ANY question you have about BDSM, Fetishes or the Lifestyle within 30 seconds using their comprehensive search facilities !
  • In the unlikely instance that the answer is not already there, you can discreetly post a question ... and have answers within minutes !

Tool #2: "Online Community Who Understands"

This is a great way to learn more about certain fetishes from people who have real life experience. With this tool you'll be able to discreetly connect with 1000's of potential friends who have the same interests as you! 

Imagine being able to safely and discreetly socialize online with 1000's of people who have similar interested to you (anything from dominant women, spanking to one of more than 80 other fetishes) !

In Alternative Contacts, this community is divided into 2 different part.

The first is called "Chat" and with it you have access to:

  • The largest BDSM & Fetish text chat groups on the internet

  • Chat room by locality (so you chat with people in different location .. even people who are local)

  • Chat room by Topic ... so you chat with people interested in everything from Dom, Sub, Leather and much more

  • The ability to make a chat room covering a new topic if for some reason there isn't already a chat room covering it! .

The second is called "My Friend Network" and lets you:

  • Contact and create a network of friends

  • Develop photo album that are only viewable by your friends

  • Get access to ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID's of members in your network

  • Send message to people in your network


Tool #3: "Information on Local Events, Services and Shops"

You'll get access to knowledge of what's happening near you in the BDSM world !

In fact you'll be surprised at how much is actually happening in the local BDSM and Fetish scene ... and since its usually not advertised you'd have a hard time finding out any other way !

I spent 3 months on the Internet and talking to people in local clubs (at a cost of $436 in cab fees and club entry fees) for the same information about the local scene that I found in 1 hour using Alternative Contacts !

Here's a short list of what this amazing tool contains:

  • List of local Shops and Services
  • Anonymous access to local online interest groups where people chat about what's happening locally. I posted a question for my local area and came back the next day .. and had information on 2 different parties and clubs by the time I got back ... and 1 of them were discreet invite only !

Tool #4: "Online Magazines"

You receive access to Alternative Contact's online magazine which is great place to learn more about BDSM relationships and how they work !

With over 6000 articles available ... its like getting access to 10 years worth of back subscriptions to a really really great BDSM and Fetish magazine.

With polls, contests, articles, astrology predictions and much more ... you could spend weeks learning new things about the lifestyle just with this !

As a added bonus, Alternative Contacts keeps adding new things to their site .. the latest was a 'Purity Test' which lets you anonymously find out how 'pure' you are compared to the rest of the members ( I'm 34% pure .. I challenge you to beat that !)

If you do not already have free membership: Click Here to Join Alternative Contact For Free

If you already have membership: Click Here to go to the Alternative Contacts Dating Site


 --Leon S



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