Been busy sending out messages?

Well, if you have you might have noticed something.

It’s something I only noticed after a sending
out messages for a while. I seemed to be getting
LOADS more responses from a certain type of woman.

Can you guess which type?

Here’s a hint -

Who do you think is more likely to reply
to your messages:

- A Mistress who has just joined the Dating Site
  and has received no messages yet; or

- A Mistress whose profile has been on the Dating
  Site for over 3 months and has already received
  messages from over 40 men !

When I put it that way it seems obvious doesn’t it?

So to maximize you chances, you want to be one
of the first men to contact new dominant women
after they join the dating site.

But how do you get a jump on your competition
and be the first man to contact a new mistress?

You can either check the dating sites for new
dominant women every day OR use a little known
feature on some of these dating sites to get an
email notification when new dominant women join.

Learn how to do this at:


For those dating sites that don’t have this
feature, you will just need to check every
few days for new dominant women !

Talk to you again tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS – A few years ago I was working away when I
received an email from a dating site saying
there was a new woman who had joined who I
might be interested in.

I was the first person to contact her – we got to
chatting and after only 2 days she pulled her
profile from the site since she’d found
what she was looking for !

Get a similar alert using the instructions at: