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Safely Meeting a Mistress You Find Online

A natural problem that comes to most who just enter the realities of BDSM activity is finding an appropriate Mistress. With the availability of internet resources your ability to find a Dominant Woman is much much better then it ever was ...

... but if you think that all that is needed is to explain a list of your preferences before going straight into organizing a meet - you are absolutely mistaken. BDSM play or relationships are based on principles of communication and trust. These principles are important because in most cases we are talking about activity that borders on safety.

We should also keep in mind that BDSM relationships need certain trust and it takes some time to get familiar with each other and meet each other's needs. You don't simply give in the responsibility to someone - you choose a person you want to give the power. Undeniably, there are certain rules you should follow while you are in search for a mistress:

Online meeting

Certainly there are a lot of advantages about finding a mistress on the internet: you have a wide choice and you may more thoroughly get to know each other before actually meeting.

Take the time to make sure you're both after the same thing ... whether its casual fun or a relationship ... whether its bondage play or mental domination.

How is a real meeting organized?

It's more preferable to arrange a first meeting in a public place. There is no need to explain that suggestion shouldn't sound like a person's house or some suspicious backyard room.

It's also not a good idea to meet tet-a-tet on a first meeting. It may sound as if bad things can never happen to you, but in reality it has happened to others.

In short you're going to be placing your trust in a mistress when you 'play' with them .. so it makes sense to get to know them enough before playing ... and not to engage in extreme scenes until you've played with a mistress a few times and have built up a high level of trust !

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