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Basics of a Relationship with a Mistress or Dominant Woman


Entering the world of a Mistress relationships is a step into another reality. Many people who just hear about this lifestyle are likely to have either negative attitude towards it or base it on the facts and images promoted in mass media.


However, knowing exactly what you need from the relationship is a task that requires an insight into peculiarities of your own needs. It is very important to know what to expect from this type of relationships.

First thing that is that these relationships are consensual. In other words, those who wish to take revenge or commit an act of violence- you are not welcome.

Second, Mistress relationships are not all about sex but rather about mental stimulation. It is the fact that sexual relationships are seen mostly acceptable insofar the d/s or b/d roles are distributed. BDSM lifestylers achieve sexual gratification in somewhat special way, when sex is not always a goal and satisfaction is likely to be a part of whole idea.

People involved in BDSM will not strike you with their unusual appearance or behavior. With the exception of a number of perverts, they lead a normal life like having a family and going to work daily. Just the same as it is uncommon to talk about your intimate life in public, most people into BDSM will not talk about it openly.

You may choose where to stop and what kind of relationships you want to get involved.

BDSM is not a restricted area where you should go the whole way to test your resistance.


The kind of relationship you are ready to settle for may be limited by occasional scenes which are not related to power exchange or have some elements of BDSM play. This relationships are called bedroom ones and may become a good starter for those who are making first steps in BDSM.

Those who are more sure of their needs in BDSM may experience a power exchange in D/S relationships. The D/S relationship is far more about the scene and may be projected on daily activities. The roles are quite clearly defined as dominant and submissive and participants know the rules.

However there is a small part of real devotees who can go for a total power exchange(TPE). In such a relationship, the roles are even more strictly defined as one being a mistress and the submissive partner -a slave. The absolute control is given to a mistress who is simply as it is-the one who has an upper hand and commands the play according to his own principles.

Knowing about the types of relationships that exist in BDSM is essential because it helps to find your true place in it and make a thoughtful choice. Potential partners should communicate and clear out all their needs to become aware of the existent boundaries of their journey into realms of BDSM.

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