Ok – so you’re busy sending messages out so
you can meet a mistress in the future,
BUT you want some fun now !

I understand and know the feeling - so I am
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I found out how when I stayed in a small town
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So while I was searching, I
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I’d have long distance fun via webcams with
dominant women ... some of whom actually
lived in different countries from me!

There was obviously a limit to what could happen
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BUT finding a compatible webcam mistress who knows
what she's doing can be the hard part.

At the start I tried using free sites and after lots
and lots of searching, I found only a handful of
dominant woman who would indulge in long distance fun.

And guess what – they were not very
experienced or dominant at all.

In fact most of them were using webcams to
'discreetly' explore their dominant urges
and had very little experience.

Which was why after lots of searching I had
still not enjoyed a good webcam session.

So I started looking outside of the free sites to
see what would actually give me a good experience !

After more searching, I found that the only
experienced dominant women who would indulge in
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I was a little leery but I tried a reputable and
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I found a dominant professional lady I was
comfortable with and we ended up having
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It helped that she was obviously very experienced,
knew exactly what I wanted and was upfront,
discreet and very understanding.

BUT before you start searching for the perfect
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be costly and time consuming unless you ...

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Talk to you again tomorrow,

Leon Smith

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