I bet you had a busy day yesterday checking
out those dating sites.

And I’d say you’ve already got a mental list
of women you’d love to connect with!

Well guess what, I’m about to show you
how to triple the size of that list.

That’s right I’m going to show you 2 simple tricks
that will increase the number of potential partners
you could have by three times.

Now before I go further, if you haven’t already
got your membership (for free) to the dating sites,
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Ok so you’ve got your membership, what next?

Well have a look at these two simple tips below -

TIP 1 – Search For Women Who Are Switch

A woman who is ‘switch’ likes to be dominant
as well as submissive depending on their
mood and their partner.

You might find a switch who is mostly dominant
or who would enjoy playing with you when they
are in a dominant mood.

In fact if you’re just exploring BDSM and are
not sure if you’re submissive or not, you’d be
better off playing with a ‘Switch’ !

Anyway expanding your search to include ‘Switch’
women will usually double your pool of potential
partners instantly.

TIP 2 – Widen Your Search Locations

Try widening your search to cover people further
away from you.

I know of a few people who have chatted to and
then found the perfect mistress who just happened
to live over 100kms away.

When you think about it, that just means you can
only see her on the weekends instead of the weekdays!

Next Steps

So what do you do now?

Simple – get onto the dating sites and see how
many more potential partners you can find using
these tips … I bet you’ll be surprised!

So until tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS – When I was working in a rural town, the only
woman interested in BDSM I could find lived a 90
minutes drive away and she was not a full on domme.

I bit the bullet and met her – and to make a long
story short we found we had a great connection.

And she found that I brought the beast out in her
(and boy did I love that).

So the moral of the story is – a switch woman may
just surprise you and a 90 minutes drive can be
sooo worth it !

Another moral is that you won’t really know until
you give it a go. So if you haven’t already got your
membership (for free) to the dating sites – do it now at: