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I've out together a number of resources to help people to find the partner of their dreams.

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More About Contact Secrets

When my last lover moved city, I tried using the internet to find a new dominant friend (and have some online fun) ... but I got fed up with the lack of real information or resources.

So I started doing my own research.

With my skills I thought it would be easy (I get paid a 6 figure salary to research and develop complex computer systems) ... but it still took me over 6 months and $3000 of my own money before I worked it out.

With the amount of false information and scams I found, I decided to put this site togeather to help others find navigate the treacherous waters of the internet to find their perfect partner .. either for short term fun or a long term relationship.

One of my pet hates when I was looking around the internet was the number of times I had to pay before I could even see inside the site to see if the information or service was any good!

So I've made the commitment that all the methods I talk about will be free to try - while still being easy and effective ! 

I hope you find this information informative ... and have fun with it.

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